Kauai and Niihau Diving Sites

Kauai and Niihau Diving contains rich treasures for diving adventures. This comprehensive diver's guide is designed to give you the following information about diving sites on Kauai and the nearby forbidden island of Ni'ihau, which is only a short boat ride away.

Local Diving Site Guide

We've put together the list of the best scuba diving spots in kauai so you know which scuba dive sites to check out while you're here. We've also included kauai scuba diving videos, so you can see what it's like to dive at these locations.

Each item in our Kauai and Ni'ihau Dive Site List below contains the following info:

 Name - name of the diving location
 Depth - The depth in ft (') of the divesite
 Access - whether the site is reachable by boat or shore
 Visibility - average underwater visibility for the location
 Experience - the approximate difficulty level for the location

Kauai Scuba Diving Tours

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South Shore Diving Sites

  • poipu diving scenery

    Brennecke's Ledge

    Found at Makahuena Point, you'll discover big rack with black coral and sharks.

    • Depth: 91'
    • Boat Access
    • Visibility: 60-90'
    • Level:   
  • A substantial lava rack provides this dive site its name, running parallel to Kauai's southeastern coast for a number of miles till it lastly drops off a 90-foot wall. Mainly done as a drift dive, this scuba site is among the very best there is on Kauai. Beginning at around 60 feet the ledge drops off and becomes an overhang about 15 feet further down. The overhang provides a big location for a great deal of animals to conceal and hunt.

    A drawback to this location is the strong currents. Diving conditions can be flat one minute and a rough torrent the next. Not for the faint or squeamish of heart! The ledge is peppered with pink and white cauliflower coral-- houses a number of hermit crabs and other little shellfish. Excellent drift dive. Boat dive to damaged ridge with lava tubes. Schools of ta'ape, squirrelfish, green sea turtles, whitetip reef sharks. Vibrant coral on top of ledge. Black coral under ledge.

  • fast lanes has great soutshore Kauai shark diving

    Fast Lanes

    This location is 2 lava fingers that run parallel to each other perpendicular to the coast.

    • Depth: 95'
    • Boat Access
    • Visibility: 30-80'
    • Level:   
  • Called "Fast Lanes" after a dive done by some old timers who were fishing. A number of grey reef sharks came quickly through the lane in between the fingers. The men believed this must be the fast lane! The name stuck and this diving site has actually been utilized since depth varieties from about 30 feet on the upper reef to well over 80 on the exterior of the lane. A huge black coral bush lies on the west finger and the uncommon long nose hawk fish resides in the bush.

    Reef sharks sleep here in addition to eels and turtles. Excellent dive for advance scuba divers. Deep boat dive over lava flow. Much deeper lava fingers with turtles and pennant fish. Whitetip reef sharks, yellow-eyed surgeonfish, octopuses, uncommon native boarfish. Clear and usually calm.

  • koloa landing is Kauai's aquarium

    Koloa Landing Dive Site

    Found on the south side of Kauai, this is most likely the most popular shore diving site on Kauai.

    • Depth: 50'
    • Shore Access
    • Visibility: 10-50'
    • Level:   
  • It's horseshoe bay creates outstanding for diving and advanced snorkeling opportunities. Throughout the majority of the year, this scuba site provides almost whatever you might desire from a shore dive. Sea turtles sleep here throughout the day and whatever from monk seals to whales can be seen here. It used to be an active harbor here on Kauai, there are still anchor chains situated near coast.

    The only concern is during of high south waves (anything over 4 feet). Finest coast diving place on South side. Easy navigation on either side of the bay. The home of sea turles, eels, and big schools of various fish.

  • southern kauai dive spot

    General Store

    Boat dive to a drop-off with 3 caverns. Named for the abundant fish choice (a.k.a "General Store").

    • Depth: 97'
    • Boat Access
    • Visibility: 45-90'
    • Level:   
  • Be careful of currents & rough seas.This dive site is the resting location of the wreck of the "Pele" a ship that sank here in the late 1800's. Just the ship's boiler, some hull plates and a few anchors remain. A horseshoe shaped inlet with little lava tubes on either side provides this area great many spots for the fish to hide. This is much deeper water here (90 foot plus on the edge).

    Whitetip reef sharks in lava tube, octopi, butterflyfish, lobsters, snowflake morays, turtles, black tree coral. There is a great chance to see huge creatures pass by (Dolphins are seen here lots). Currents here can get a little rough near the inlet. Often done as a drift dive depending upon the scuba divers and the currents.

  • lots of fish in poipu dive spots!


    Boat dive to deep reef with 3 seaward fingers. Lots of little caverns where various sealife hide.

    • Depth: 60'
    • Boat Access
    • Visibility: 60-90'
    • Level:   
  • This series of little ledges is a preferred by many divers. Whiskered Boar fish have actually been seen here regularly in addition to white pointer reef sharks and turtles. Since the currents are not as strong here as at other Kauai scuba diving sites, exploring the reef is possible, fascinating and varied.

  • amazing underwater views from sheraton caverns

    Sheraton Caverns

    Leading boat diving site on Kauai. Found about 1,000 feet off the Sheraton Kauai.

    • Depth: 30'
    • Boat Access
    • Visibility: 30-70'
    • Level:   
  • 3 lava tubes and a wall provide this diving spot a few of the most amazing landscapes discovered undersea. Numerous ocean wildlife from Frogfish to Black Coral survives in this spectacular area of the sea. Sea Turtles are found here in abundance. If you ever desire to swim in a fish tank this is the spot!! Rich colorful coral. Vibrant nudibranchs, turtles, whitemouth morays, lionfish in lava tubes. A total fish nursery. Niihau diving is recommended after this site.

  • rare hawaiian morwong

    Turtle Bluffs

    A wonderful boat dive to rock bluff and drop-offs. Includes a little hill surrounded by 20 ledges.

    • Depth: 50'
    • Boat Access
    • Visibility: 40-90'
    • Level:   
  • Found slightly west of General Store. Known for the turtle cleansing station situated at the top of the hill this dive site is filled with fish. Usually currents are not an issue however being up until now off coast it does tend to capture the exact same things that General Store does.

    Likelihood on seeing bigger things here too. White suggestion reef sharks and the unusual Hawaiian Morwong are only 2 of the lots of types that occupy. You can likewise identify native boarfish here. Dolphins often check out scuba divers. Beware diving here, currents are occassionally rough.

Koloa Landing Diving

Recent South Dives

Diving Brennecke’s Ledge

Niihau Diving Sites

A supreme experience, however not for the faint of heart! These are a few of Kauai's most innovative dives however the reward is stupendous. Wander diving and deep diving with a few of Kauai's many fantastic animals. Niihau and Lehua provide amazing diving with lots of places to explore. This innovative dive will offer you the chance to see Kauai diving as it is planned, without crowds and with experienced, safe Dive Instructors!

Ni'ihau has the most incredible maze network of lava tubes in the state. Openings of lava tubes are 100ft, large and extend back 150ft (or more). Substantial undersea erosional sea caverns, and arches alter the colors around you. Just to drop into another passage, this is topography that will blow your mind! It is the only dive location on the planet where you have an outstanding opportunity to swim with the most threatened marine mammals in United States waters, the Hawaiian Monk Seal. Below you'll find a complete list of place to go Niihau diving.

  • exotic niihau diving with mantas

    South Point

    Get in the reef through a vertical shaft opening and penetrating the reef up at 70 ft.

    • Depth: 65'
    • Boat Access
    • Visibility: 35-80'
    • Level:   
  • Very cool starts, regularly we have manta rays and dolphins on this dive area. Plan on outrageous currents, jacks and sharks!

  • niihau is a great place to catch monk seals

    Ni'ihau Arches

    Swim-through arches formed by swirled lava with sink holes and peaks.

    • Depth: 48'
    • Boat Access
    • Visibility: 20-55'
    • Level:   
  • Amazing network of erosional sea caverns now immersed in addition to lava tubes undersea. This surface area recommends many scuba divers of a sunken city. Vertical wall nearby.

    Popular with journeys for scuba and snorkeling to determine tiger cowry, whitetip reef sharks, hawaiian monk seal, black coral, sponge crabs and great deals of fish.

  • swim with dolphins

    Lehua Gardens

    Splendid coral bottom. Spinner dolphins.

    • Depth: 51'
    • Boat Access
    • Visibility: 45-155'
    • Level:   
  • Gray reef sharks. Many wrasse amongst soft coral. Teardrop butterflyfish. Substantial trevally, hawaiian lion fish, grey reef sharks, hawaiian monk seal.

  • spectacular coral variety


    Roam wall dive. Packs of gray sharks and jacks.

    • Depth: 62'
    • Boat Access
    • Visibility: 20-80'
    • Level:   
  • Considerable schools of pyramid butterflyfish, black durgon all over. Tubastraea corals. Pelagic fish.

  • school of fish while niihau diving

    Vertical Awareness

    Vertical topography decends down incredibly deep. Impressive manta ray encounters happen here!

    • Depth: 53'
    • Boat Access
    • Visibility: 40-360'
    • Level:   
  • Great deals of education opelu (makeral) and patrolling jacks. Tiny Hawaiian anthias. Massive blue cravelle (Ulua). Schools of tinkers butterflyfish in the deep. Sandbar sharks, hawaiian monk seal, grey reef sharks.

  • tervally at pyramid point

    Pyramid Point

    Amazing wall with fractures. Exceptional vertical wall, big pelagics.

    • Depth: 61'
    • Boat Access
    • Visibility: 30-80'
    • Level:   
  • Range of exotic fish all over. Outstanding snorkeling beside wall over stony coral beds. Huge trevally, hawaiian lion fish, grey reef sharks, hawaiian monk seal.

  • diving niihau with eaglerays

    Stairway To Heaven

    Blue water diving at peak with big rock action developments.

    • Depth: 51'
    • Boat Access
    • Visibility: 50-190'
    • Level:   
  • Dive deep water to the windward side of Lehua, engaging sharks as you go! Big fishes, stingrays, eagle rays can likewise be seen.

Niihau Puumuu

Niihau Pyramid Point

Niihau Dive Experience

West Shore Diving Sites

  • sea turtle on west kauai

    Mana Crack

    Mana Crack is an 11 mile long sunken barrier reef of finger coral. Summertime boat dive.

    • Depth: 97'
    • Boat Access
    • Visibility: 30-80'
    • Level:   
  • Over the centuries it has actually been pounded by big browse which has actually triggered big cracks and pieces to break off, turning 180 degrees upside down! There is terrific topography. This side of the island can be dived all year other than for the periodic swell.

    V-shaped fracture runs for miles from off Nohili to Makaha Pt. Vibrant corals in virgin condition. Diving the fractures is so intriguing that usually you wish to await them and take pleasure in for as long as possible. It is a straight 80ft, which implies you typically can get captured on enabled bottom time, unless you attempt diving with a rebreather (just offered on Kauai with diveinkauai.com). Lots of fish of all kinds, invertebrates, green sea turtles, dolphins.

Turtles at Mana Crack

Mana Crack Dive

Napali Coast Dive

East Shore Diving Sites

  • lobster hanging out on east side

    Ahukini Landing

    Found by the Lihue airport, Ahukini contains a broad variety of undersea environments..

    • Depth: 162'
    • Boat Access
    • Visibility: 15-70'
    • Level:   
  • Entry at harbor jetty in bad exposure, clears around point. Wall diving. Reef scattered with discarded WWII ordnance. At the end of world war 2 there was a great deal of unused ammunition disposed of the ships that were anchored here.

    On the within is a dug up out harbor that has a thick mud bottom where the brown sting ray is a typical (and fantastic) sight. Huge eagle rays, turtles, scorpion fish, stingrays, lobsters and octopuses. Great location to have a guide. Beware as tradewinds make rough conditions the majority of the year.

  • whales visiting kauai

    Dragon's Head

    An uncommon boat dive on Kauai's east coast with really significant undersea structures.

    • Depth: 110'
    • Boat Access
    • Visibility: 30-90'
    • Level:   
  • Looks like a whale upon first glance! See a few of the most uncommon lava developments along with big marine life. Big schools of spotted eagle rays skyrocket in development over the sand. Periodic humpbacks in season. Only diveable when it's calm, so plan for a backup dive just in case!

Ahukini Landing

Dragon’s Breath

East Kauai Spearfishing

North Shore Diving Sites

  • nothing boaring about these boarfish

    Blue Bluffs

    Boat dive to rock bluff and drop-offs. Famous turtle cleaning station.

    • Depth: 111'
    • Boat Access
    • Visibility: 30-80'
    • Level:   
  • Sea turtles get cleaned here when cleaner wrasse nibble and tidy the shells of green sea turtles and other large sea life. Yellow millet seed butterflys are an unusual reward! Unusual native boarfish and morwong. Dolphins. Be careful currents and rough conditions are possible.

  • spectacular underwater caverns

    Tunnels Reef

    Tunnels Beach is a great snorkeling and diving area on the North Shore.

    • Depth: 35'
    • Boat Access
    • Visibility: 30-80'
    • Level:   
  • past Hanalei near the Ha'ena Beach Park. There is an inner and an external reef, with the inner reef adding to the coast and the external horseshoe formed reef about 60 backyards offshore. Consists of over 26 caverns and tubes with some being over 75 ft. long. There is an incredible range of reef fish and usually green sea turtles can discovered here.

    The water is calm on the inner best side of the reef making it an outstanding area for brand-new scuba divers and snorkeling. On the left side where the reef slopes to 60 feet you will discover lava developments, caverns and tunnels advise for the advanced scuba divers. In low tide you go out about a hundred lawns and dive. Numerous fractures and cravases to check out. The next best thing to niihau diving! The extra-terestial space ship-like tunnel is fantastic!

Want to try diving? Our discover scuba program is perfect for first time divers! Go diving safely, without needing full certification.

Tunnels Morning Dive

North Shore Diving

North Shore Freedive