Our Team

Certified Scuba Diving Instructors You Can Trust!

Collectively, our certified scuba instructors have introduced thousands of new divers to scuba and the underwater world, certified over 1,500 divers, and trained and certified more than twenty instructors. The team here at Kauai Scuba, Rebreather and Technical has many years of training, education, and diving experience, thus creating an unparalleled depth of expertise in the region.

Mike Hanna, Founder, Scuba Instructor Trainer (and a whole lot of others, but the list is too long and he doesn’t like brag!)

Originally from Seattle, Mike Hanna has been living in Hawaii for over 16 years. Mike achieved his certification as an open water diver nearly 30 years ago. Since then, he has continued to promote diver safety and education, leading the way with advanced certification levels and promoting advancements in diver safety, training, and education. A PADI Master Instructor and more, Mike enjoys educating people interested in diving, as well as working with the top dive leaders and test divers in the world. Mike is our resident expert, but specializes in rebreather and technical diving, as well as hyperbaric medicine.

Brian O’Hara, Open Water Scuba Instructor, PADI Dive Master Alumni

Brian discovered scuba during his honeymoon in 2010. He saw a shark and an octopus, and instantly fell in love with diving. Brian wasted no time, and dove right into furthering his education and training. Since then, he has amassed quite a collection of advanced diver certifications. He has dived all of the main Hawaiian islands, all over the Caribbean, and in Mexico, including a cage dive with great white sharks at Guadalupe Island. Brian moved to Kauai to follow his dream of working in the diving industry, and loves sharing his passion for diving and underwater photography with others of all levels.

Wilson McManus, PADI Scuba Instructor

Wilson McManus, Kauai, Scuba Rebreather and Technical, PADI/IANTD Scuba InstructorA US Naval Aviator, Wilson has been diving for 9 years all over the world. He started diving in a college dive club at the US Naval Academy. When he’s not flying airplanes or helicopters, Wilson is usually found in Pacific waters diving, lobstering, spearfishing, and instructing. When on land he also has fun hanging out around the dive shop.

Wilson holds an Open Water SCUBA Instructor certification, along with numerous technical diving, gas blending, and rebreather certifications. Advanced wreck penetration dives are Wilson’s favorite types of dives. He’s explored engine rooms and interiors of numerous WWI and WWII vessels sunk in Apra Harbor, Guam. His favorite dive site is Blue Corner, Palau. Wilson loves boat trips to the waters around the Mana Crack and Niihau. He also really enjoys Tunnels Beach on the North Shore, and also the world famous Koloa Landing.

Steve Goppert, PADI Dive Master/Assistant Scuba Instructor Alumni, Underwater Photography Instructor

Steve Goppert, Kauai Scuba, Rebreather and Technical, PADI Assistant Scuba Instructor Alumni, PADI Underwater PhotographerSteve started surfing, snorkeling, and diving off the Catalina Channel in high school.

He is a PADI Dive Master/Assistant Dive Instructor Alumni. Originally certified in 1987, Steve studied underwater photography under Cathy Church on Grand Caymen and it quickly became his passion. He specializes in macro photography, and his photos have won several awards.

Steve’s passionate about underwater conservancy so he’s able to offer insight on preserving and protecting the underwater environment.

Larry Freitas, (the boss) Gas Blender

Larry is all Kauai, in mind and Aloha spirit. His outgoing personality and humor keeps the center moving through its daily operations. Stop by and visit Larry. You can always count on him to put a smile on your face, and he’s always happy to talk story.