Hyperbaric Medicine

Hyperbaric Medicine—Taking Diver Safety to the Next Level

We are committed to diver safety and the diving community. As part of this commitment, we offer training and certification for medical and emergency response personnel. We are certified by the International Board of Undersea Medicine (IBUM) program, and we work closely with IBUM in order to promote the practice of Hyperbaric Medicine in the Hawaiian Islands. We adhere to their mission and vision to provide quality education consistent with the current standard of care in the field of diving and hyperbaric medicine. Through this partnership, we are able to provide training and certification to medical practitioners, emergency medical technicians, as well as those interested in the use of hyperbaric oxygen treatment therapy.

Available training and certifications include:

  • Diver Medic (DMT)
  • Hyperbaric Technologist (CHT)
  • Hyperbaric Nurse (CHRN)

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